Desktop Wallpapers

I sometimes make wallpapers for my Kickstarter and Patreon backers, and while most are exclusives to those supporters, I will occasionally post some older wallpapers here. A 1600x900 size is available to see and download by clicking the preview image, but the zip files contain a bunch of sizes for different desktop resolutions.

Download the ZIP file.

Trailers and Videos

Video trailers, some made by me, some by others, as well as public videos I've posted showing the making of process of creating comic pages.

Radio Drama

Way back in 2003, I did a lot of online voice acting for fandubs and radio dramas just for fun, and one day I decided to do a FaLLEN radio drama for the series I had written stories for. Since this was many years ago, the story was a little different, but the characters haven't really changed. Sometimes the dialogue is even exactly the same as the comic in its current form! So if you want to hear an alternate take on the story, or have an audio supplement to the comic, this might be worth a listen! It's good for a laugh, if nothing else, haha.

I cannot remember most of the names of the original cast members, but the two actors I have kept up with have actually gone pro! They have both asked me not to use their names, but maybe you'll recognize them if you are a fan of dubbed anime.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5 part 1
Episode 5 part 2
Episode 6 part 1
Episode 6 part 2
Episode 6 part 3
Episode 7 part 1
Episode 7 part 2