Okay, Now For An Explanation...

Now that I've dumped the last pages of this chapter on you, hello there! Yes, I've been MIA for almost a year now. Well, it's been a weird year.

  1. I got a divorce! After 16 years of living in Japan, I moved back to America.
  2. I had to readjust. Culturally, it's been shocking to see what's changed over the years.
  3. It's a pandemic, and work has been hard to find so I thought I would do odd jobs and commissions until my stimulus checks came in (the US owes me $4000) and then I would get back to work on FaLLEN when I had those to cover bills for a bit.
  4. I have not received a single stimulus check...
  5. I have, however, been in a very serious relationship with one of my best friends since moving back and we are moving in with each other in a few months, where my rent and other expenses will drop dramatically and I can pretty much go back to working on FaLLEN full-time.
  6. I am scheduled to be a guest at Tokyo In Tulsa (now called Tokyo, OK) in October! More on that later.

It's not easy moving to a new country, even if it's the one you were born in. I have had a pretty rough time of it. My kid is wonderful and I love her, my parents have been extremely supportive, and my boyfriend has been wonderful. Also of note, I'm living with another comics friend of mine from college because she too is going through a divorce and that has been pretty helpful for us both. The pandemic rages on and I've just been hanging on for dear life.

Is FaLLEN dead? No, and I'm actually pretty active on my twitch account these days (handle is ogawaburukku on there) and you can see me on Wednesdays get on there and draw while I watch a bad movie in the background. But I did want to wait until I was a little more stable before I began working on FaLLEN again. Was relying big on those stimulus checks, and unless those come in before I move, I probably won't work on FaLLEN until I'm living with my boyfriend. I don't have as many followers and patrons as I did pre-hiatus so I have a lot of building up to do again.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I'll try to update the news section every few weeks to keep you posted. The only place I am regularly keeping people updated is Twitter, though, so following my account (@ogawaburukku -- I made this my main account) is your best bet for updates.

Love you guys! Sorry for the absence.

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