Chapter 1 Begins!!

This is the cover art for FaLLEN Chapter 1. FaLLEN is a b/w alternative magical girls comic series I'm currently working on, for those of you who didn't know. The cover features the atypical leading lady and a younger character she encounters in the first chapter.

I really hate doing cover art. I just... I hate it. I like doing comics, but working on color cover art for any of my books is my least favorite thing to do. Perspective is probably off too, but I have to send this to the printer in a day and I still have the back cover art and other things to do, and I dunno... I guess I'm happy with this. I mean, as much as I can be. Because seriously, I hate doing cover art.

The book will obviously have the title and other stuff on it, so that's why there are some empty spaces. But why is she nekkid?!? You should read the story :3

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